Tim Davis Murals is the decorative painting company of established finisher, muralist, and fine artist, Tim Davis. It is your one-stop-shop for all your painting and artistic needs, from straight painting, to matching small switch-plate covers, to full blown murals and all kinds of commissioned artwork. We consider no job too big or too small.



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Quite simply, we can be one man or a whole team. if you only need a light fixture refinished, Tim can come by your home and do it in less than a day to your strictest standards. Tim is also a master artisan member of The United Artisans Guild (UA). The UA is a network of masters, craftsmen and laborers, each of which can draw upon specific talent for specific needs. There are only a handful of the most notable and accredited master level decorative painting talents in the world, and UA has several of them. Because of this we can accommodate large scale projects as well.


We want you to be completely happy with our work, so we have put many years of development into creating the best experience possible. In 20 years, we have never done the same job twice because we adapt to your needs. This encludes:

-Making samples directly on your wall so they can be seen in context

-Putting together computer-generated renderings to show what the outcome will look like before we even start.

-Adapting to your schedule and budget.

-Personalizing the project by drawing on your preferences, past experiences and lifestyle.

-Keeping our work area clean and professional.

In 20 years we have also never had a dissatisfied customer.


A lot of people think of Tuscan scenes or the Sistine Chapel when the word “mural” is mentioned. Likewise, the words “faux finishing” can bring to mind images of sponge painting or glazing. While each of these have their place, decorative art and finishing is as diverse as any architectural style imaginable. From contemporary, to shabby chic, to about a thousand unique periods in history, there are many more decorative painting options that defy the stereotype. New products are coming out all the time, so we like to use these technologies to our advantage in shifting design trends. Tim is also well researched in periods of art history, so say you were partial to Ancient Egypt (New Kingdom Period) and Art Nouveau, he could effectively combine those styles into one.

A popular style in Tennessee right now is sometimes referred to as “rustic contemporary,” or “rustic modern,” which is the use of reclaimed materials and Appalachian artifacts in a more modern all around room design. As with others, decorative painting adapts very well to this style.


How much will a mural cost?

The cost of a mural is dependent on three factors:
1. The area (a square foot price is multiplied by the number of square feet.)
2. The amount of detail (which roughly corresponds to the size of brush that is used.)
3. The complexity (...are we painting a balloon or a cathedral?)

Though the theoretical range is much wider, prices are typically between $15 and $70 per square foot depending on these factors. In addition, there are many adjustments that can be made that affect the price in order to fit into a budget.


How much do finishes cost?

As you might expect, it depends on the finish. The price is defined by the product cost and the difficulty of the finish and can range anywhere between $2 and $25 per square foot.

Can you copy a famous painting?

Yes. Any art piece painted by an artist who is deceased more than 70 years is public domain and is not subject to copyright laws. Any newer art can be modified to avoid copyright enfringement. Tim can also paint in the “style” of your favorite artist.

What will it look like when it is done?

You wouldn't want to have to guess, and neither would we. That is why we can put together a computer generated rendering of the final outcome for no extra charge. It puts us literally on the same page when it comes to layout, colors and the impact of the design. It also helps you to know what you are getting and it helps us to have something to work off of. Here is an example of a rendering versus the completed project:

How long will it take?

Often shorter than expected. Because we use a team for most finishes, the process is more efficient and is done right in a shorter amount of time. The time is subject to the amount of space, the type of finish(es) and any changes that are made. Murals typically range anywhere from 1 to 5 days to complete. (There was one that took 14 days, but it was 55 feet long and 14 feet high.)

Do you travel?

Yes, in fact Tim has done projects in Los Angeles, Salt Lake City, Omaha, Miami, Boston, Toronto and a lot of places in between. He loves to travel and doesn't charge any more than cost for basic travel expenses. In many cases, the cost of travel can be absorbed into the project costs as well.

Do I have to have an idea first?

No. Tim can provide you with all sorts of ideas for art and design, catered to your needs. Consultations are free and if you just want to say “what do you think?,” that's fine.

Do you paint murals directly on the wall or on canvas first and then install it?

In most cases directly on the wall. In some instances, like when it will make a more effective texture, provide for more detail on a ceiling, or the client would like it to be removable, painting on canvas, muslin or masonite panels can be considered.

Do you actually paint the mural, or is it digitally printed?

Tim actually paints the mural. We find that the artist's touch gives a piece much more life and vitality, not to mention color range and tactile interest than a digital print. Digital prints can have problems with sheen, color shift, longevity, and can be lackluster or pixelated.

Can you hide an eyesore?

Yes, in pretty much every case. We specialize in hiding plug and switch plates, vents, fixtures, worn areas and anything else that sticks out like a sore thumb. We can match any surface. (We've even matched mother-of-pearl and glass.)

Can you fix an existing mural or wall finish?

Yes. Certain finishes are harder than others to touch up, especially where metallics and glazes are used, but we are among the very few companies qualified to do this kind of work and we do it exceptionally well.

What kind of products do you use?

We use the best available products including product lines such as Faux Effects®, Modern Masters® and some proprietary formulas. Tim also uses Golden® heavy body acrylics which are the standard for exterior murals, have an “excellent” adhesion rating and are fade resistant up to 100+ years.

Do you sell prints of your paintings?

Yes. You can order high quality prints here:


Tim Davis was born and grew up in the Los Angeles area. In his youth, he was brought up in an environment that fostered appreciation for art history and culture, artistic and musical disciplines, and is one of seven siblings who all became artists.

After apprenticing for a year under a master muralist who catered to the rich and famous, Tim started his own business in 1995 called “Tim Davis Murals.” In the years to follow, he has painted well over 350 murals in Los Angeles, Naples, Miami, Salt Lake City, Nashville, Boston, Toronto and elsewhere.

Tims portfolio shows that he can imitate the style at hand, and is adaptable to the needs of the client. Though Tim's work can mostly be found in custom homes and local businesses, he has also worked for Fortune 500 CEOs and celebrites. He painted a 55-foot-long civic mural in Salt Lake City and designed a mural for a major Hindu temple in northern India (Prem Mandir).

Tim has had his oil paintings represented in fine art galleries too. As an accomplished songwriter and having a degree in music, Tim approaches his gallery work like composing a musical score. He likes to substrate the work with deep and moody colors and then splash them with vivid light to create depth of contrast. In each piece there is a representation of light overcoming darkness. An oil painting that was commissioned by one of his collectors, entitled “A General Before His King” has sold prints worldwide.

Tim is equally at home creating wall finishes, decorative flourishes and imitating natural surfaces with a brush. He also loves sculpting and creating props for theater and film.


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